Just Intonation  Version 1.3.1 (19)
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scale.cpp File Reference
#include "scale.h"
#include <QDebug>
#include <QThread>
#include "instrumentfilehandler.h"
#include "voice.h"
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#define STATUS   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 4) qDebug() << "Scale:"
#define MESSAGE   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 3) qDebug() << "Scale:"
#define WARNING   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 2) qWarning()<<"Scale: WARNING:"
#define ERROR   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 1) qCritical() << "Scale: ERROR:"

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#define ERROR   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 1) qCritical() << "Scale: ERROR:"

Definition at line 35 of file scale.cpp.

#define MESSAGE   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 3) qDebug() << "Scale:"

Definition at line 33 of file scale.cpp.

#define STATUS   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 4) qDebug() << "Scale:"

Definition at line 32 of file scale.cpp.

#define WARNING   if (Voice::mVerbosity >= 2) qWarning()<<"Scale: WARNING:"

Definition at line 34 of file scale.cpp.