Just Intonation  Version 1.3.1 (19)
Explore key-independent dynamically adapting tuning in just intonation
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CJustIntonationCustom activity derived from QtActivity
 CApplicationMain application
 CAudioBaseAbstract base class for audio input and output
 CAudioDeviceGuardAudio Device Guard
 CAudioGeneratorVirtual base class for audio-generating modules
 CAudioOutputClass for audio output
 CAudioOutputDeviceAudio Output Device, supporting 16 and 24 bit signed integer PCM
 CAudioParametersStructure holding the parameters and status of an audio device
 CDownloaderClass managing the download of large files from a repository in the background
 CFileHandlerModule for a file-open dialog
 CInstrumentClass describing an instrument
 CInstrumentFileHandlerClass for reading and writing an entire instrument
 CIOSPlatformToolsDerived class for IOS platform-specific tools
 CKeyDataStructure holding the tuner's data of a single key
 CLogBase class for managing log messages
 CLogFileCreate a data log of keypress and tuning events
 CMidiClass handling Midi input and output
 CMidiHandlerClass handling Midi events
 CMidiMicrotonalClass for converting an ordinary Midi stream into a microtonal one
 CMidiMicrotonalHelperAuxiliary class for microtonal conversion
 CMidiPlayerMidi Player
 CMidiPlayerEventStructure used internally in the MidiPlayer to hold a Midi event
 CMidiPlayerEventListClass managing the EventList in the MidiPlayer
 CMidiPlayerParserMidi file parser
 CPlatformToolsBase class providing support for various platforms
 CPlatformToolsInstanciatorHelper class for instantiating objects derived from PlatformTools
 CRequestStructure containing the data for a play-note request
 CRunGuardClass for checking whether the application is already running
 CSamplerSound-generating module which plays the tones held by the SoundGenerator
 CScaleScale - a set of PCM waves with a characteristic intensity and length
 CSoundGeneratorClass managing the generation of sound
 CStartupSoundClass for playing a startup soundThis module manages to play a short audio file at startup (welcome jingle)
 CThreadBaseUniversal base class for threaded modules
 CThreadWorkerHelper class for ThreadBase
 CToneClass describing a tone that is currently being played
 CTouchscreenKeyboardTouchscreen keyboard
 CTunerThis is the main class of the tuner module
 CTunerAlgorithmMain Tuning Algorithm
 CVoiceVoice - a set of scales, keeping the acoustic data of an instrument
 CWaveClass holding the sampled sound for one key
 CWinRtPlatformToolsDerived class for WINRT platform-specific tools