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TunerKeyData Struct Reference

Structure holding the tuner's data of a single key. More...

#include <tunerkeydata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TunerKeyData ()
 Constructor. More...
void clear ()
 Function for clearing all fields in the TunerKeyData structure. More...

Public Attributes

int key
bool pressed
bool newlyPressed
bool emitted
double intensity
double memory
double sustainDampingFactor
double releaseDampingFactor
qint64 timeStamp
double pitch
double previousPitch

Detailed Description

Structure holding the tuner's data of a single key.

The tuner keeps track of each pressed key. This structure holds the essential data associated with the pressed key.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TunerKeyData::TunerKeyData ( )


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Member Function Documentation

void TunerKeyData::clear ( )

Function for clearing all fields in the TunerKeyData structure.

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Member Data Documentation

bool TunerKeyData::emitted

Definition at line 37 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::intensity

Definition at line 38 of file tunerkeydata.h.

int TunerKeyData::key

Definition at line 34 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::memory

Definition at line 39 of file tunerkeydata.h.

bool TunerKeyData::newlyPressed

Definition at line 36 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::pitch

Definition at line 43 of file tunerkeydata.h.

bool TunerKeyData::pressed

Definition at line 35 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::previousPitch

Definition at line 44 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::releaseDampingFactor

Definition at line 41 of file tunerkeydata.h.

double TunerKeyData::sustainDampingFactor

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qint64 TunerKeyData::timeStamp

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