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log.cpp File Reference
#include "log.h"
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int getVerbosity ()
QString createLogMessage (int line, QString path, QString function, int level)
 Global function generating the log message string. More...


int messageVerbosity = 4
 Global verbosity level. More...

Function Documentation

QString createLogMessage ( int  line,
QString  path,
QString  function,
int  level 

Global function generating the log message string.

line: Line number
path: Full path of the function
function: Name of the function
level: Verbosity level
QString of the message

Definition at line 43 of file log.cpp.

int getVerbosity ( )

Definition at line 29 of file log.cpp.

Variable Documentation

int messageVerbosity = 4

Global verbosity level.

Verbosity of global error messages.

Definition at line 26 of file log.cpp.