Just Intonation  Version 1.3.1 (19)
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Microtonal Midi module

Converter for microtonal tuning of external Midi devices. More...


class  MidiMicrotonal
 Class for converting an ordinary Midi stream into a microtonal one. More...
class  MidiMicrotonalHelper
 Auxiliary class for microtonal conversion. More...

Detailed Description

Converter for microtonal tuning of external Midi devices.

The usual Midi norm was designed exclusively for the equal temperament. Only the overall pitch of a voice can be controlled by a so-called 'pitch-bend'. However, this affects all tones of the respective channel simultaneously. Individual tuning of a single note is impossible.

This restriction can be circumvented partially by the following trick. Subsequent notes of the same voice can be remapped to different channels, and each of these notes can then be tuned individually. Since the Midi norm is restricted to at most 15 voices (plus one drum channel), this means that using this trick we can play no more than 15 notes together at the same time.

MidiMicrotone is a module that converts an incoming Midi stream in combination with incoming dynamical tuning corrections generated by the Tuner module into an outgoing reorganized microtonally tuned Midi stream.